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Do not worry about technical constraints, create a server with our hosting services! Delivery is immediate after purchase.


Our Knowledgebase is accessible to all. Learn how to configure, manage and customize your server to create the private server of your dreams!

Management Panel

Beginner or expert, managing a server has never been more accessible. With the panel, customize your server, install mods & plugins, change the map, server console, etc.


Our expert support staff is standing by and at your disposal to guide you in the use of your products every day.


We only use the latest generation of hardware. Our servers are powered by i7 CPU at 5Ghz, to guarantee the best gaming experience.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Creating a Minecraft server should be within everyone's reach. Regardless of a person's level of expertise, Minecraft Hosting has never been easier.

You have full control over your Minecraft server. You can install anything you wish on your Minecraft private server: maps, mods or plugins.

You can change the Minecraft version and install plugins/mods whenever you'd like, thanks to our control panel.

Minecraft Server Hosting

GMod Server Hosting

Host your GMod server on mTxServ, take advantage of our exclusive features for managing your Garry's Mod server.

Install your addons and game modes in one click (DarkRP, PrisonRP, StarWars RP, ULX/Ulib, etc.). Easy configuration, automatic backups, performance measurement, backdoor detection: everything to easily manage your server.

GMod Server Hosting

ARK Server Hosting

Step into the world of ARK with our ARK Server Hosting services. In just a few clicks, set up your own private server and play according to your own rules.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, your ARK server is easy to configure, thanks to our administration interface. You can install the Total Conversion mod in one click.

ARK Server Hosting

Rust Server Hosting

Set up your Rust server in just a few clicks with our hosting service. Delivery of your server is immediate upon purchase.

You have total control over your Rust Hosting service. You're free to install whichever mods and plugins you please! The Oxide mod is available for installation in just one click from the control panel.

Rust Server Hosting

Onset Server Hosting

Host your Onset server and take advantage of our exclusive Onset Hosting features. You can add the game modes of your choice, such as the Godfather mode.

Our integration allows you to create and configure your server in just a few clicks. Add or develop plugins and packages via the panel or directly from the FTP.

Onset Server Hosting

Hytale Server Hosting

Set off on an adventure with Hytale, the new game from the Hypixel studio. The publisher has provided many tools which make the Hytale game 100% customizable. Enough to create ever more original Hytale servers!

You can host your server with our Hytale Server Hosting services as soon as the game is released at your best Hytale provider ;)

Hytale Server Hosting

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