You can customize the levels of players but also dinos. Whether it's about extending game experience by adding levels or change the rhythm of leveling, this article will help you out!

The file to edit is the following (create if it doesn't exist) : ark/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/Game.ini

The content should look like :


The first part is about the player's level (here limited to level 4), and the second part is about the dinos level (here limited to level 5).

Add as much "ExperiencePointsForLevel[X]=Y" as you want :

X = level defined, the first level being 0, you need to add 1 to have the corresponding in-game level (ex: ExperiencePointsForLevel[3]=1 defines the upgrade from level 3 to 4)

Y = experience points required to level up

Be careful to restart your server once the modifications are done in the file.