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Onset - Create a Godfather server

Onset - Create a Godfather server

In this tutorial, we will see how to install Godfather game mode on your Onset server. This game mode is based on the godfather game mode from samp.

We will use the package (learn more about packages) developed by OnfireNetwork to create our Godfather server.

Create a Godfather server

Let's go to install it on our server.

If your host is mTxServ, you can install it in 1-click in your management panel (go to Onset -> Packages), else:

  1. Go to your server files.
  2. Create godfather directory in packages/.
  3. Download the godfather package here.
  4. Extract it on your computer.
  5. Upload all files extracted in packages/godfather/.
  6. Update packages/godfather/db.json with your credentials.
  7. Add the package godfather in server_conf.json:
    "packages": [
        ... # Your packages

  8. Reboot your Onset server.

Your Godfather server is ready ;)

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