Release Changelogs – Onset

Onset is currently in alpha version; the game is continually updated by this creator (Talos). On this page, we have listed all changes applied to the game since first releases.

Onset 1.8.0-alpha (Protocol Compatibility 9)

Client changelog

  • Improve pine tree LODs and increase their draw distance.
  • Improve the look of pine and beech trees during night.
  • Improve forest vegetation.
  • The player can no longer enter the vehicle while reloading.
  • Some map collision fixes.
  • Improve body, lower head (neck) textures, and body mask texture.
  • Fix crash related to On*NetworkUpdatePropertyValue event.
  • New Lua functions:
    • GetObjectStaticMeshComponent
    • GetNPCSkeletalMeshComponent
    • GetPickupStaticMeshComponent
    • SetPlayerClothingPreset, SetNPCClothingPreset (works like the old model system in case you don't want to manually set each clothing item)
    • SetPlayerOutline
    • HexToRGBAFloat
    • DrawTexture
    • DrawTextureEx
    • DrawMaterial
  • Add some materials that you can use to do basic shading
    • /Game/Scripting/Materials/MI_OpaqueLit
      ColorParameters: BaseColor, Metallic, Specular, Roughness, EmissiveColor
      FloatParmeters: EmissiveMultiplier
    • /Game/Scripting/Materials/MI_OpaqueUnlit (Fastest rendering)
      ColorParameters: EmissiveColor
      FloatParmeters: EmissiveMultiplier
    • /Game/Scripting/Materials/MI_TranslucentLit (Use alpha value of BaseColor to control translucency)
    • /Game/Scripting/Materials/MI_GenericTexture
      TextureParameters: BaseColorTexture
      ColorParameters: BaseColor, Metallic, Roughness, EmissiveColor
      FloatParmeters: EmissiveMultiplier
  • UnrealLua enhancements:
    • USceneComponent
      • SetMobility
      • SetHiddenInGame
    • UPrimitiveComponent
      • SetPhysicsAngularVelocityInDegrees
      • SetPhysicsLinearVelocity
      • GetMaterial
    • UTexture
      • ReleaseTexture

Server changelog

  • Remove model identifier from NPCs (apply clothing items the same way as you do for players)
  • Improve accuracy for object locations (@Swizz)
  • Remove CreateLight; a much better solution will be possible with the UnrealLua API in one of the next updates
  • Remove SetPickupVisibleForPlayers
  • Add SetPickupVisibility, SetText3DVisibility
  • Add SetPlayerRagdoll, SetNPCRagdoll
  • Add HexToRGBAFloat
  • Add SetPlayerVoiceDimension

Onset 1.7.1-alpha (Protocol Compatibility 8)

Client changelog

  • Add UTexture2D.LoadFromFile, this function creates a UTexture2D out of any image file in your packages
  • Add UStaticMesh to UnrealLua definition
  • Fix spawn location from the server
  • Add some missing doors
  • Add Town level second half proxy

Server changelog

  • Rename project files to OnsetServer.
  • Fix Destroy* functions-

Update WorldDoors.lua and weapons.json (contains Taser config)

New wiki pages


You can see official changelogs here.