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Create a OnsetRP Framework server

Create a OnsetRP Framework server

In this guide, we'll see how to create a Onset server with OnsetRP Framework to create our role play server (RP). There is a lot of package to create a role play server, this is currently one of the most advanced. To install it, you will need a database (MySQL or MariaDB). With your Onset server hosted on mTxServ, you can install OnsetRP Framework in one click from the control panel. You will just need to configure and import the database of the package.


  • Onset server (free trial)
  • OnfireNetwork/dialogui (one-click install in the management panel)
  • OnfireNetwork/i18n (one-click install in the management panel)

OnsetRP Framework Package Install

On an Onset server hosted on mTxServ, you can install the package in one-click with the management panel.

  1. Create directory onsetrp in packages/.
  2. Download latest version of package (https://github.com/frederic2ec/onsetrp/archive/master.zip), and upload files in the directory packages/onsetrp/.
  3. Enable the package, edit the file server_conf.json:
    "packages": [
        ... # Your packages

OnsetRP Framework Configuration

We need to configure the database used for our Onset server:

  1. Edit packages/onsetrp/misc/s_database.lua file.
  2. Add your MySQL (or MariaDB) credentials on the top on the file, an save.
  3. Reboot your Onset server.

Improt database schema

To finish, you need to import the following database schema on phpmyadmin.

You can get the sql schema here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/frederic2ec/onsetrp/master/roleplay.sql

Your OnsetRP Framework server is ready! Now, you can customize your role play experience ;)

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