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How to add admins to your Valheim server

How to add admins to your Valheim server

In this guide to managing a Valheim server, we will see how to become an administrator on your Valheim server, to gain access to the administrator commands.

Find Steam64ID

First of all, you must find the Steam64ID of the account you want to add as an administrator. It is displayed in the server log console, when the player logs in. You can also find it with this tool.

If you are in-game, you can also use the 'F2' key which displays the list of players and their Steam64ID.

Become an administrator on a Valheim server

  1. Go to the server management panel.
  2. Click WebFTP and go to the directory valheim/.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim/.
  3. Edit the file 'adminlist.txt` and add the Steam64ID (one by line).
  4. Save the file and restart the server.
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