Hurtworld v2 is available !

After more than two years of development, Bankroll studio has just published the V2 update of Hurtworld, in final version! The update is already ready for your Hurtworld servers :wink:

You will find many new things, what to offer a new youth to a game released in Early Access in 2015. What delight for the players!


Hosting Hurtworld


Hosting Hurtworld


You do not know Hurtworld? This is a multi-player first-person shooter (FPS), where you can test your survival instinct by facing many obstacles: lack of resources, ferocious beasts, arid deserts, as well as fighting against the other players ... or hiding you! Each one his own style;) The game stands out from its competitors with a much more advanced survival aspect. Staying alive is not easy.

Hurtworld's V2 update brings many new content, made possible by a deep rewrite of the game by its developers.

Regarding the Hurtworld servers, you will be able to accommodate more players. The map has also been expanded to provide the best gaming experience possible, with new cities and more new surprises.

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