Discover our complete and easy-to-use management panel, the companion of your game server rented by mTxServ.

It accompanies you throughout the configuration and administration of your server.
Our tools are created with great attention to ergonomics.

Easy to use

Our complete and easy-to-use management panel accompanies your game server rental at mTxServ. Discover the many exclusive features that will make your life easier!

Live console

The console transmits live console logs from your game server, making setup and administration easy.

Share your logs in 1 click and benefit from our analysis and correction engine for the most common errors.

Quick configuration

A large number of parameters can be modified from the management panel, for a configuration in a few moments and without knowledge of the general options of your server.

Addons, Mods, Modpacks, Plugins

Browse our thousands of addons, mods, modpacks, plugins and maps available (uMod, spigot & bukkit plugins, etc) to install in 1 click from the management panel. And if you don't find what you need, install it yourself ;)


In addition to your FTP access, a Web FTP is available containing a code editor. Transfer and modify your files easily and quickly.


Access your backups at any time and restore your server to a later state in 1 click. No more data loss!

Planified tasks

Schedule the execution of actions on a specific date or periodically, for example the reboot of your server every day at 4am.


Collaborate on the creation and management of your server with your friends using the permission system allowing the addition of collaborators with different rights.


View your server's performance history and see CPU / RAM / Connected Players metrics.


All actions available in our management panel can be performed via the API at your disposal.


The management panel is included in all our game server rental offers.