All delivery steps of orders and delivery being automated, since reception of the payment the server delivery serveur happens within a minute, wether it happens during day or night !

We've always trusted the French leader OVH for our physical dedicated servers to host our gameservers. We do not make any compromise on quality so we only use the most powerful and adapted hardware, mostly thanks to the use of i7 processors overlock until 5GHz to have the best of "single-thread"!

Year after year, we rely on millions of monitoring metrics to improve the management of our machine clusters, which allows us to improve our products.

Created in 2009 by passionate gamers who are still in charge, mTxServ has improved through the years to offer players the best experience possible on their preferred games. By becoming experts in hosting services for professional customers, we are able to offer quality services to everyone.

Our servers are managed and optimized by hosting professionals, which is what makes our servers so reliable ;-)

Hosting a gameserver might look simple with few bits of knowledge, but maintaining quality hosting requires time and precision.

With mTxServ, in just a few seconds you can have a gameserver hosted in high-quality hardware, a new generation web panel to simplify the management of the server, many redundant backups, free web hosting with a MySQL database for your addons/plugins, and support dedicated to guiding you day by day.

Choosing a GSP like mTxServ is getting the best of hosting, allowing you to concentrate on your preferred games as well as your community!

The key to quality service is to master the tools, and that's why our web panel, our website, and the many scripts that make our servers were fully developed by us.

That's what allows us to improve our services day by day, taking into consideration a lot of feedback from our customers!

You just need to subscribe for free web hosting, and a MySQL database that is usable for your addons/plugins will be included!

No quota or limitation, we do our best to cover your needs ;-)

At mTxServ, we only use high-quality hardware and everything is designed for simplicity.

You can change your offer in 2 clicks from the panel, the remaining time on the contract will be converted on the new offer and you instantly get the new offer chosen.

(Limit: one offer change every 15 days maximum)

Your data are important and we know it. We are doing our best to protect it by doing a full backup of servers when they expire, this backup is kept for an entire year to allow you to restore it on a new ordered server. Simple, reliable.

You can pay directly with Credit Card, Paypal, and Tokens. Tokens (virtual money specific to our website) can be credited with Credit Card, Paypal, PaySafeCard and mobile call/texts. Credit your tokens, share them with other members, and easily pay your services!

The payout rates of tokens may vary depending on the method of payment chosen. Please consult the corresponding pages for more information.