S&D Cryptominers

This realistic mining system is made for your server ! You can add all cryptocurrencies if you wish ! We use a professional API wich is used by some famous websites !
We offer you a great possibility of customization and configuration, including menu colors, languages, cryptocurrencies and a complete customization of the commands that can be used in the rack.
Oh, and there's also jammers and explosions

Content: Steam Workshop :: SD Cryptominers - Content
  • 4 Languages by default: Chinese, English, French, German (And custom language you can add as much language as you want)
  • 3 Cryptocurrencies by default: Bitcoin, Tesla, Litecoin
  • You can easily add your own language
  • You can modify almost everything you want
  • You can use the real API from api.coinlayer.com (but you need to create an account to get a personnal key)
  • You can easily add your own cooling liquid
  • You can add you own commands
  • You can modify the defaults commands
  • The server can bug and the player have to fix it
  • You have to put cooling liquid in the server otherwise this could make a little firework funny moment
  • You can add a real cryptocurrency BUT you can also add a cryptoccurency you've invented !
  • The server can be hacked by a hacker (seems logic) with a USB Stick (and can also explode but shhhhht)
  • The server can be jammed by 2 ways, a SWEP on the player, or an entity

To use the real rate, you need (for the moment) to follow the instructions below:
  1. Register yourself on the account: coinlayer API - Free, Real-time Crypto Rates API (We are not affiliate to this website, their website is just really complete)
  2. Choose the free plan
  3. Then go to your dashboard
  4. Copy your personnal API key
  5. Paste it in the config as the value of "SDCrypto.ApiKEY"
  6. Restart your server

There is all the functions/data tables/net message... we use in our addon, if you wish to modify it or add a DLC then you should use the informations below:

ent:GetSDCServerRunningTime() -- (Int) Return the rack running time
ent:GetSDCServerServerInRack() -- (Int) Return the servers in the rack
ent:GetSDCServerServerPrice() -- (Int) Internal, don't use it
ent:GetSDCServerRackPrice() -- (Int) Equivalent for ServerPrice
ent:GetSDCServerCurrencyPrice() -- (Int) Return the price for 1 unit of cryptocurrency
ent:GetSDCServerTemperature() -- (Int) Return the server temperature
ent:GetSDCServerCoolingLiquidValue() -- (Int) Return the cooling liquid value
ent:GetSDCServerCurrency() -- (String) Return the API code for the Cryptocurrency choosed
ent:GetSDCServerIsRunning() -- (Bool) Return if the server is running
ent:GetSDCServerIsBugged() -- (Bool) Return if the server is bugged
ent:GetSDCServerIsAccessible() -- (Bool) Return if the server can be used (true, he can, false, he can't be)
Thanks to Ethan for the German traduction
Thanks to Vermina and Syborg64 for the 3D Models
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On peut créer sa propre cryptomonnaie, et en ajouter autant qu'on veux, ajouter également des liquides de refroidissement pour ses serveurs.
Très bon addon
HÉHÉ (Je précise tout de même que l'addon à était fait en collaboration avec cette personne Deadman69330)
Système de Cryptomonaies très simple à l'utilisation. Design très jolis. Les gros points forts de cet addons c'est qu'il est traduisible en d'autres langues que le Français et aussi qu'on peut créer notre propre cryptomonaie à notre guise. En tèrme de développement , très facile à modifier certains petits trucs que vous voudriez modifier ( Le nombre d'argent etc...)
Je recommande cet addons !
Merci de ton avis :) !