Do you start building your GMod server? Here are the main misconceptions to avoid when developing your DarkRP server. Follow these few rules to avoid a maximum of problems;)


Do not rename the superadmin rank. Some add-ons check if the player is in the superadmin group. If you rename it, do not be surprised that some things do not work anymore.

Delete the superadmin grade. Well, I think it's the thing to do forever.

Folders & files

Folder & file names must not contain capital letters or spaces. Depending on the operating system, the behavior will differ. For example, Windows, unlike Linux, is not case-sensitive.


If your addons have not received updates since a very long time and are located on the workshop, I advise you to keep them; it may create bugs (those still on sale on scriptfodder usually are checked and therefore functional) .

Never put server files in a client folder: some data is confidential (example: database identifiers).

Minimize the number of addons in your server's collection (unless you like performance drops for no reason).

GMod Updates

I also advise you not to update servers directly when Facepunch pushes an update.

Wait a few times; a patch can fix compatibility issues after an update.