GMod doesn't crash or lag without any reason. Most of the time, it does not come from a lack of resources, but from a wrong configuration of the server (a poorly coded plugin, the presence of errors in the console, missing models/textures, etc.).

It should not be overlooked that Garry's Mod server-side is not multi-threaded ( the server application uses only one processor core at the same time). Raw power can not make up for everything!

This is especially true on servers with more than 30 players; a wrong configuration of your server can quickly cause a drop in performance/stability.

Some tracks to check if you have a crash/lag

Check the CPU consumption of your server (visible in your manager).

If your server consumes many resources without a connected player (CPU is> 5%), likely, the configuration is not optimal.

Check the server logs regularly (live console accessible through your manager).

Try to fix errors to improve server performance. The server console can help you to do that.

Limit props, block spammers. More props in your map = more calculations your server will have to perform. You have to stay in reasonable proportions to avoid problems.

Keep your addons up to date!

And do not install addon whose provenance is not certified!

Update your tick rate!

On servers with more than 30 players, if you experience lag/freeze problems, we strongly advise you to lower the value of the tick rate of your server. To do it, edit the tickrate.txt file on your server.

This problem is not caused by a lack of resources on the host, is due to the operation of Garry's Mod, which is not multi-threaded.

Here are our recommendations for the value of the tick rate to put on your server:

  • 16-32 players = tick rate 33.
  • 32-48 players = tick rate 20.
  • > 48 players = tick rate 11.

Note: To modify the tick rate on your GMod server hosted on mTxServ, you must change the content of srcds/garrysmod/tickrate.txt file by editing the value of tick rate and restart the server.