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Hytale Server Hosting, 24H Free Trial. Create your own Hytale server in just a few clicks with mTxServ, your Hytale host.
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Hytale combines sandbox & role play, in procedurally generated worlds. You'll have the opportunity to embark on an adventure, consisting of dungeon exploration, minecraft builds, the ability to make changes to the game with custom mods, plugins and maps ! The entire game is customizable with your Hytale Server Hosting service.

Create Your Hytale Server

Free Hytale Server Trial

Try our Hytale server rental service for free for 24 hours. No credit card required.

Easy Administration

Our exclusive management panel simplifies the creation of its Hytale server. Configure your server quickly and easily.

Plugins and Mini Games

Install your plugins and mini games of your choice or develop your own creations.

Web Hosting + MySQL

Do you need a database? A web hosting (2GB) and a MySQL database are included.

Offer Change

Is your community growing? You can change your offer at any time, limited to one change every 15 days.

Payment Methods

You can pay with a credit card, Paypal, and Tokens. You can credit tokens with a credit card, Paypal, PaySafeCard, or mobile codes/calls.

Hytale Server Hosting

Make Your Own Hytale Private Server Hosted in Europe (France, England, Germany, Poland) and USA/Canada

Hytale Hosting services will be available right out of the release.

We are looking forward to having the opportunity to host your Hytale servers! Right out of the game, we will offer our Hytale rental services. Do you want to create your community? With mTxServ, get started in the 1-click adventure. All elements of the game will be customizable, and the source code of the server version shared with the community. What hope to see our friends modders and mappers will quickly share many mods, maps and mini-games with the community. Our forum is available to download Hytale resources: mods, addons plugins, as well as many tutorials and guides to configure and administer your Hytale server. Our Hytale Serveur Hosting services are easy to use for everybody !

Make your Hytale server

We make everything to ensure a high-quality experience

Immerse yourself in the world of Hytale! Easily create and configure your own Hytale server with DDoS protection thanks to our tools.

Our tools are created with great attention to ergonomics to facilitate the configuration and management of your servers.

Install your plugins in 1 click, save your server, restore it, measure performance - many features to help you every day.


  • Paris, France
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Vint Hill, US East
  • Hillsboro, US West

Included in the Hytale server

Expand your community, imagine your own world

Easy configuration

Easily configure the settings of your server, add a password, change the map, install plugins, change mini game, .. all to facilitate the management of its server Hytale!


Install all plugins you want on your Hytale server. And if you feel like it, get started in development!

Mini Games

Customize your server with mini games. There is no limit with your server hosted at mTxServ.

Hytale Private Server

You are free to add or not a login password to your server to make your private Hytale server to filter players.

No commitment

No duration commitment, you are free to choose to not renew your server. To avoid any surprises, the renew process is manual (no automatic renew).


With mTxServ, no data loss! We automatically back up your Hytale servers every 6 hours and you can restore a backup directly from our panel.

DDOS Protection

Our machines are protected by DDoS protection, which is reliable and tested, with a very high-quality network! No attack will disturb your game experience.

No hidden fees

Contrary to our competitors, our philosophy is to provide you with a full-service package. No additional fees for storage, fast download, etc.

Free Hytale Server

We think it's important to let you try our servers. Before purchasing your Hytale server, you can create it free for 24 hours within the limit of two trials every 15 days. You have everythng you need to make the best choice when it comes to your Hytale server.