In this tutorial, we will see how to create a Hytale server. As soon as it is released, the game will have a server version. Designed for modding, it allows you to launch your private parties between friends or if you have more ambitions, create your community, and offer more original content.

The servers stand out easily from each other; the game is fully customizable; each server will be able to offer a unique experience to its players. The only limit is your imagination. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is straightforward to start creating your private Hytale server. The configuration is straightforward, as is the installation of mods and plugins.

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How a Hytale server works

Before going further, we will see the main lines of the Hytale servers. First of all, be aware that the Hypixel studio (the creators of the game) manages the most massive Minecraft servers worldwide. You can imagine, their own game is access to the modding!

First, the server version is distributed in open-source. This is important! Often criticized for his cousin Minecraft (developers have to be imaginative to understand the internal work of the game at each update), on Hytale, we do not have this problem! The creation of mods and plugins is facilitated. And yes, Hypixel thought of you modders friends!

If you come from the Minecraft universe, you should not be too out of the way. The primary programming language used for modding and scripting is Java. A reliable choice, the game benefits the community of modders Minecraft, promising the creation of script, mods, plugins, and maps ever more original. Also, many tools like Hytale Model Maker are available to create content easily: maps, skins, 3D models, textures, cutscenes, the list is long!

The development of mods and plugins is also facilitated by hot-reloading. This feature allows you to avoid restarting your game every time you edit a script! If a change is detected in one of your files, the server automatically reloads the plugin. The Hytale development is thus much faster than on Minecraft. You can even edit your scripts directly from an in-game editor.

Finally, the game has a feature to synchronize resources between a server and a player, when connected to the server. Players will be able to connect to a modded server easily, files (3D models, maps, textures, skins, etc.) are downloaded automatically when the player joins the server. No more launcher!

How to create Hytale server

Now that we know the main features of a server, we will be able to create its own Hytale server. And if you feel like it, then add your own mods;) The installation is done in a few clicks, just like the general configuration.

First, you will have to identify your needs correctly. How many players will connect at the same time? How many mods and plugins will you install? Are you going to use a custom map? Many questions can arise to determine the CPU / RAM consumption that your server will use. If you do not have the answers to these questions, you can always go on a reasonable offer and then change in one click, thanks to the management panel.

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How to configure a Hytale server

Votre serveur de jeu est prêt ? Il va maintenant nous falloir le personnaliser un minimum. Nous allons changer les paramètres généraux, tel que le nom du serveur ou la carte (map) utilisée, avant de nous mettre administrateur de notre serveur Hytale. Pour finir, nous allons voir les bases de l'installation d'un mod ou plugin.

Tout d'abord, rendez-vous dans votre panel de gestion. Une fois à l'intérieur, allez dans le dashboard du serveur.

Cliquez maintenant sur Configuration pour accéder à la configuration générale du serveur. Sur cet écran, modifiez ce qu'il vous semble nécessaire. Je vous conseille au minimum de modifier le nom du serveur et mettre un mot de passe de connexion, que vous puissiez développer votre serveur Hytale tranquillement. Et n'oubliez pas de vous ajouter comme opérateur du serveur pour pouvoir exécuter les commandes admins.

Concernant les commandes, sachez que nous n'avez pas besoin de vous connecter à votre serveur Hytale, vous pouvez directement entrer les commandes dans la console serveur.

How to transfer a map to Hytale server

Do you have a custom map that you want to use on your server? With the management panel, you can transfer your card to the server in a few clicks.

To begin, go to the dashboard of your server. Then click on Files & FTP to access the files on the server.

All you have to do is drag and drop the card you want to install from your computer to the server.

Once the transfer is complete, you must change the server configuration to start on the new card.

Edit the main configuration file, and specify the name of the world to use at startup.

Then restart your server. That's it!

How to install Mini-Games

Hytale is designed to play mini-games on its server easily. Several games are available as soon as your server is installed.

To use a mini-game, you must edit the main server configuration file located at the root.

You can activate each mini-game from this file. After a change, you need to restart your server.

If you want to create your mini-game for Hytale, look at the mods and plugins side;)