Since the 1.3 version, Mojang has added to Minecraft a feature that allows an SRV DNS record to be used.

Direct application: no more need to enter an address like but!

DNS record ? Wtf?

A DNS record mostly allows you to associate a subdomain to an address. So to access our website, you don't enter an IP address but!

An SRV record is just the same but for ports and protocols, so here for Minecraft.

Getting a domain name

This first step is mandatory; you need to have a domain name of your choice (ex:,, etc.). mTxServ doesn't sell domain name, but we advise you to get one to our historic partner OVH, which provide domain name for less than 10€ per year and mostly allows to use the SRV record to process to this configuration.

Just go to the following page to get a domain name at OVH:

You already have one or wish to use another provider? No problem, be sure to be able to add SRV record type! Contact the support for this.

For the following example, we consider using the domain name:

CNAME record configuration

Before configuring the SRV record that will allow not to enter the port, you need to add a first record that will enable you to translate to the address of the mTxServ server hosting your TeamSpeak server.

To do so, create the CNAME record with these parameters :
- subdomain: server
- target :

Note: the address "" depends on the server your Minecraft server. Just refer to the address displayed in our panel, for example, if you server has the address "", put "" as the target for your CNAME record.

The propagation can take a few hours, be patient before contacting the support ;)

SRV record configuration

The most important part is now to avoid to enter the port in the address. For this example, let's say your Minecraft server has 27030 port.

When adding your SRV record, enter the information like below :

Subdomain :
Priority : 3600
Weight : 5
Port : 27030
Target :
You must get a complete DNS record like : 3600 IN SRV 0 5 27030
Note: adapt the information to your domain and the Minecraft server port displayed in your panel.

Wait for a few hours for the DNS propagation to be done then try to connect to the new address: