The game mode can be modified in-game, whether you wish a player can be in creative mode or change the game mode for every players.

List of different game modes

On Minecraft there are many game modes, each one having specific settings :

  • survival: survival mode, default mode where you need to gather resources, survival to monsters, etc.
  • creative: creative mode, like a "god mode" where players can't take damages and can put an infinite amount of blocks (very useful for "build").
  • adventure: adventure mode, the players can break blocks only with particular objects, the goal is generally to play on pre-generated maps.
  • spectator: spectator mode, to observe the game.

Change the default game mode

To modify the default game mode, go to the panel (My server -> Configuration).

You can choose the desired game mode with the "game mode" setting. Restart the server to apply the setting.

Beware: the setting will only apply to the new players joining the server. To forge the game mode for every player, enable the parameter force-gamemode from the panel.

Change the game mode for a player only

You can change the game mode for a particular player. This is very useful for admins that could want to be in creative mode to fly quickly on the server, be in god mode or make specific buildings rapidly.

To do so, enter this command being OP :

/gamemode gamemode nickname
To put a random player call herobrine (^^) in creative mode, enter the command :

/gamemode creative herobrine
If you want to change your own gamemode, you don't need to enter the nickname.

You can also send the command from the panel (without putting the "/" at the beginning of the command).