With our complete guide, let's see how to create a Minecraft server. The configuration will have no secrets for you: map transfer, become OP (admin), change of version, install mods & plugins, optimization of your server, security, management of whitelist, everything will be approached!

It is worth remembering a few key points. Each of you has different needs. Depending on your project, you will not use the same Minecraft API or host for your minecraft server.

Before getting into the limelight, a few reminders about how the APIs work on Minecraft.

Minecraft APIs

You've probably heard about APIs like Bukkit, Spigot, Paper or Sponge that are the best known. It quickly becomes difficult to find your way around if you discover the game.

But by the way, an API on Minecraft, what does that mean? And which API to choose for my server? An API (programming interface) allows you to make changes to your servers and the workings of the game, whether it's through configuration or the development of plugins/mods.

Each API has its particularities, advantages, disadvantages and will not allow you the same changes while having an impact on performance that will vary from one API to another. The choice is therefore essential to the creation of your server and will depend on what you want to do on your Minecraft server.

Also, be aware that plugins/mods are generally developed for a particular API. A plugin for an API may not be compatible with another API.
Some examples:

  • Do you want to customize certain details such as the spawn of monsters or personalizing messages displayed in game?
    It's better to turn to Spigot or Paper, which have many more options to customize while a Bukkit is more limited.
  • Looking for performance?
    Your choice may turn to Paper, which is much newer than Bukkit and better than Spigot.
  • Do you want to only use plugins for your server?
    You'd better go for Paper or Spigot.
  • Do you prefer mods?
    Forge offers good support for mods while Sponge supports both mods and plugins (but in a very special way, we will come back to it). If you want to create your modded server, it's a good choice!
Forge offers good support for mods while Sponge supports both mods and plugins (but in a very special way, we will come back to it).


Bukkit is the first API that was available on Minecraft, a real revolution in 2010. It allows you to customize your server by developing plugins.

Although still very present, Bukkit is now aging and may pose some performance or compatibility issues

Want to create a Bukkit server? We recommend that you turn instead to Spigot, which has a similar function, better performance and a more modern API.


Released after Bukkit, the Spigot API has established itself as the successor of Bukkit with its similar operation and the improved performance that this API brings to our servers.

Although it works similarly, Spigot makes it possible to modify Minecraft more significantly, allowing the modification of some parts of the game that were not previously changeable.

In addition, many Bukkit plugins remain compatible with Spigot allowing you to enjoy the large Bukkit ecosystem.


Paper (also called PaperSpigot) is a fork (= modified version) of Spigot. Paper is the default API installed on your servers hosted by mTxServ.

It greatly improves the performance of the server (extremely useful in 1.13+) in its management of many elements and provides even more possibilities for customizing your Minecraft server.

This API is made for people who like to take time and are meticulous in every detail related to their projects. It will allow you to personalize your server and allow you to change a lot of details related to the operations of Minecraft. For example, the assembly of the experience into larger balls can avoid even more staggering numbers of entities in mob farms, regulate the number of entities that can be scrambled or even be able to train zombie horses (they exist, believe me)!

As you will have understood, the possibilities are even more numerous, not to mention its built-in protection for X-Ray cheats, whether activated or not.

With Paper, you will also have the .yml of Spigot, allowing you to modify all this at your leisure, amazing don't you think?


Let’s go to Sponge, who has this quality of having two versions:

  • for plugins AND mods.
  • for plugins only.
Unfortunately, it makes something complicated: the use of plugins usually available on Spigot and Bukkit.

In fact, in most cases you will almost have to use specific plugins from Sponge, available on their forums or their websites (nevertheless created by the players).

It is often used with its mods-friendly version because it has less plugins diversity but is less stable than its counterparts!

Nevertheless it has some nice and functional plugins. We have no doubt: the workink plugins are going to be better over time, we need to let the ecosystem evolve ;)


Forge is an API designed to simplify the installation of mods and their compatibility with each other and with Minecraft.

This API is necessary for the installation of many of the most popular mods, such as the Pixelmon mod. Most modern mods are using Forge.

As you've understood, it's a must if you want to install a Minecraft-based server.

How to create a Minecraft server

A server being created or recently launched will require little power and functionality. But as your community grows, there is a need to have effective tools available for server management, it's important to choose a service that fits your needs in terms of price, quality, functionality, and scalability from the start.

To create our own private Minecraft server, we will use the services of mTxServ, allowing us to ignore hardware/software and network constraints (bandwidth).

  1. Go to the following webpage to create your Minecraft Server.
  2. Click on Try Now.
  3. ValiValidate server creation.
  4. Your server is ready in just a few seconds!

How to become a server admin (OP)

To become admin on your server, you must add the rights to your account.

  1. Go to the management panel on the dashboard.
  2. Your server must be online.
  3. In the server console, enter the following commands to manage admins:
    /op username
    Gives the player OP status (you need to replace username by the player ID).
    /deop username
    Remove Player OP Status (you need to replace username by the player ID)./li>

How to enable Whitelist

What could be more unpleasant than players connecting to your server to destroy everything?! To avoid this kind of inconvenience on a private Minecraft server, we recommend that you activate the whitelist.

  1. Edit the file minecraft/server.properties .
  2. The white-list=true line must be true to enable whitelist. If not, change it.
  3. Restart the Minecraft server.
To manage players in the whitelist, see the following guide: Enable and manage my Minecraft server whitelist.

How change the Server Name (MOTD)

The MOTD  (Message Of The Day) is the text that appears on the player login screen for your players:

To change it :

  1. Click on Configuration.
  2. Click on  Server name and edit content.
  3. Save and restart the server.

How to allow cracked players

To allow crackers on your server, online mode must be disabled in the configuration. By default, it is active, player with a cracked client can't join your server.

Here is how to allow cracked players (not recommended):

  1. Click on Configuration in your management panel.
  2. Click on Advanced Configuration, on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click on online-mode ,  specify No and save.
  4. Reboot your server.

How to change version and/or Install mods

Do you want to change the Minecraft version or install mods on your server?

With the management panel, you can switch to 1-click and install your favorite mods in the same way!

  1. Go to the management panel.
  2. Click on Minecraft, then Version & Modpack.
  3. All you have to do is choose the version and modes of your dreams, for example Spigot, Forge ou Pixelmon!
  4. Choose a build and start the installation.
  5. Restart our server.
Repeat if necessary to install multiple mods.

How to Transfer a Minecraft Map

Want to add a map to your server? Here's how

  1. Open the server files by clicking on Files & FTP.
  2. Go to the minecraft directory.
  3. Create a new directory for your map (e.g. myworld) and transfer the map inside.
  4. Click on Configuration.
  5. Change the World value for the new map name (e.g. myworld)  and restart your Minecraft server.

How to change my Java version

The Java version is changed in the management panel, you have the choice in Java 7 and Java 8.

  1. Click on Configuration.
  2. Click on Java line and change the version used by the server.
  3. Restart your server to apply the modification.

How to install Minecraft Plugins

Plugins for Minecraft are available on two websites, depending on the API you are using.

  • Most Bukkit plugins can be installed on a Bukkit/Spigot/Paper server and sometimes Sponge.
  • Spigot plugins can be installed on Spigot and Paper servers (sometimes Bukkit is also supported, randomly).
When you install a plugin, your server will create the config files for its configuration in minecraft/plugins at reboot.

Many plugins use a permission system to choose which players will have access to the functionality added by the plugin. We recommend the installation of LuckPerms which is easy to use and does not degrade any performance.

How to install bukkit plugins (https://dev.bukkit.org/) on your server:

  1. Go to the panel.
  2. Click on Bukkit Pluginst.
  3. Choose the build that suits your server (be careful with the minecraft version) and click Install.
  4. Choose the build that suits your server (be careful with the minecraft version) and click on Install.
  5. Confirm the installation.
  6. Restart your server.
How to install Spigot plugins (https://www.spigotmc.org/) :

  1. Download the plugin jar file on Spigot.
  2. Go to the management panel.
  3. Ouvrez le Web FTP en cliquant sur Fichiers & FTP.
  4. Allez dans la répertoire minecraft/plugins et uploadez le fichier du plugin.
  5. Restart your server.

How to optimize a Minecraft Server

The server version of your favorite game is not multi-threaded, unable to take advantage of our modern CPUs. This is why optimizing your Minecraft server is essential to avoid freeze nor lag.

Luckily, there are several resources to help identify the causes of performance declines:

How to secure a Minecraft server

Do you have problems with cheating/cheating on your server? First of all, be aware that there is no free (or paying) anti-cheat that is perfect.

Here are the plugins we recommend to fight against cheat :

  • Phoenix Anti-Cheat - Protect Your Server
  • Orebfuscator - beat X-RAY cheats
  • Anti-Proxy - block proxies (VPN, Tor, ..)
  • AntiJoinBot - Protect your server from bots

How to create a BungeeCord server

If your community starts to grow, the use of BungeeCord will soon be mandatory. BungeeCord allows you to connect multiple servers, to distribute the load (totally invisible from player's side). Just like on your Minecraft server, BungeeCord plugins can be installed on your server.

To create a BungeeCord server, you can go to the dedicated page: BungeeCord Server Hosting.

Your players will be able to navigate from one server to another through a command system, or if you go further with in-game portals!

For more information:

  • BungeeCord Wiki
    The official documentation in English is complete and precise: official wiki.
  • PreventPortByPass
    The PreventPortByPass plugin prevents players from connecting directly to your Minecraft servers, without going through BungeeCord.
  • OnlyProxyJoin
    The OnlyProxyJoin is an alternative PreventPortByPass.

Minecraft Server Guides

The community has written many tutorials on how to administer a Minecraft server.

You can browse the complete list below. You no longer have any excuse for not offering ever more original content to your players ;)

Choose the best Minecraft Hosting service

Do you want to create your own Minecraft server? Choosing the right host is essential for developing your community. Before you jump in without thinking, it is vital to ask yourself a few questions which will keep you from getting stuck after a few weeks.

You all have your own needs, so the same host will not be suitable for all plans. A newly created or recently launched server will not need a lot of power or functionality. But as your community grows, so will the need for useful tools for server management and administration.

It will be challenging to change hosts once you have started your project, so it is essential to choose a host that meets your needs in terms of price, quality, functionality, and scalability from the beginning.

Clients reviews

What could better help you choose a host than other customers' opinions? Reading the reviews and ratings will allow you to form an initial opinion before spending your money.

Some hosts aim for transparency with a public customer rating program through certified providers such as Trustpilot.

For others, a quick Google search will let you know more about the host you are looking at.

Can I upgrade my server's power?

Do you play with a few friends on your private server, and have no plans to accommodate a broader community?

Does this describe you? If so, you can ignore the following information, because you will probably never need to upgrade your server's power.

Do you want to develop a community around your game server and attract many players? If your project is successful, you are likely to need more power. This is a crucial point to take into account if you do not want to feel too constrained at your host after a few months...

Publicizing your server takes time. Buying a server with 128 slots when it never contains more than 30 players simultaneously does not make any sense! Does this describe you? Think about looking into a Minecraft host that will allow you to change offers at any time without changing the server's address.

You will then only need to change the server's power based on changes to the number of visitors (an increase or a decrease).

Does the server have automated backups?

An classic situation: a server is closed due to an incident because its owner did not make any backups... Oh yes, your game servers are not immune to this great computing rule: you MUST make backups!

The loss of data is a significant concern. Various incidents can lead to this disaster:

  • the server is hacked
  • data corruption following a crash
  • a handling error - it happens!
To avoid closing the server prematurely, we advise you to look into a host that performs automatic backups of your server. Hosting companies now all have this feature. Any host that does not have a backup function is considered a poor-quality host.

The difference between hosts will be the data retention period (= time during which it retains backups) and the backup cycle (= time between automatic backups).

For a small private server for friends, a short period of data retention will be sufficient.

Do you have a large community? The risk of an incident increases because the server is used more. Look into a host that allows the server to be restored quickly to limit downtime in case of problems, and choose a host that will enable you to keep at least several weeks of backups and that has a short backup cycle (for example every few hours) to minimize the risk of data loss.

How many slots does my server need?

The number of slots on your server will determine the maximum number of players that it can accommodate simultaneously.

Needs vary:

The requisite are varied:

  • Development servers only need 2 or 4 slots
  • Private servers with friends usually only need 4 to 10 slots
  • Communities, which have more significant needs: 20, 40 50, 100 slots!
Hosts use one of two billing models:

  • Slot billing: you pay based on the number of simultaneous players, without worrying about the power of the server.
  • Billing resources used: you can define the number of slots you want; you only pay for the RAM and the CPU allocated to you. It is your responsibility to determine the number of players that corresponds to the power of the server.

Some hosts allow a change of contract without change of address, allowing you to easily vary the capacity of the server according to the evolution of your community: you limit your expenses as long there are few visitors on your server. Make sure to choose a web host based on your future goals.

Always remember to take into account the fact that hosting a significant number of players requires a lot of CPU power and RAM to maintain an enjoyable gaming experience without lag.

Control panel

The control panel accompanies you throughout the lifecycle of your Minecraft server. During its installation, it will allow you to perform necessary actions (stop /restart/start/update) and assist you with design and configuration. Once your community is launched, it will help you manage and administer it. A real companion!

Hosts offer a wide variety of solutions, which can be grouped into two categories:

  • Control panels using existing solutions
  • Custom panels, specific to the host, with their own features and exclusivities
If you are new to creating Minecraft servers or want to create a private server for your friends, consider an intuitive solution that focuses on easy configuration and management.

Do you want to host a community? You will need more customization and features (backups, live console, admin management, monitoring, scheduled tasks, etc.).

When looking at the multitude of Minecraft hosts, we suggest that before you start, you check the legal status of your host and check the company's validity. Many irresponsible hosts are present on the market; you are not immune to seeing your server disappear overnight.

If you want to set up a private server with friends, the risk will be small, with only a few euros lost; you would have to reopen a server at another provider.

The case of community servers is more problematic. The loss of data and address change will have significant negative impacts.

And if you extended your contract for a few months before the host disappeared, the bill may be hefty!

The ping (latency) between the server and the players

Latency is the time it takes for a packet on the Internet to be transmitted from one point to another. For your game servers, it is the latency between a player and the server that is measured. High latency will cause lags for the players, while low latency will provide more excellent responsiveness and fluidity during your games.

Unlike other competitive games like CS:GO, where any latency will have an impact, Minecraft does not need to seek the best latency possible. Nevertheless, if your goal is to offer the best gaming experience to your players, don’t neglect this element.

Several factors can increase your player's latency:

  • A player may have a slow internet connection
  • An overloaded server that cannot process information in "real-time".
  • An internet network on the server-side that is faulty or not optimized
  • The geographical distance between the player and the server (the greater the distance, the higher the latency)
The server's geographic location is the factor that has the most significant impact. Select a web host with a data center located the closest geographically to your players. Avoid using a cheap server in the United States with players located in France! The latency will be high and take all the fun out of playing...

The quality of the internet network connecting the server can also have an impact on some players. Companies like OVH have peering points with the biggest ISPs. These peering points allow the players to have better access to the network, and therefore a better ping with your server.

Protect yourself from DDoS attacks

This is specific to the world of gaming: rivalries between communities can quickly lead to computer attacks on your server.

A DDoS attack is a classic. It involves overloading a server by sending a large number of network packets via the internet to make a game server inaccessible. What could be more unpleasant for your players, who will quickly turn to other content?

Ask about the protections offered by your future host. There are specialized solutions to prevent DDoS attacks or minimize downtime in case of an attack.