In this guide, we'll see how to create a Minecraft server modded with Forge. This API allows you to install many different modes easily. We'll discuss all of the issues of creating your private modded server: installation of Forge on the server (and the client Minecraft, without launcher) and then how to install mods.


How to install Forge?

The installation is done in one click thanks to the management panel.

  1. Click on Version, API, Modpacks.
  2. Click on Forge.
  3. Choose the version of Minecraft you want for your server and take the latest version from the build column:

  4. To start the installation of Forge, you can choose between:
    - Reinstall your Minecraft server with forge (current data on your server are going to be destroyed).
    - Install Forge on your server without reinstalling it.

  5. Choose what's right for you and start the installation!

How to install a Forge mod?

To install a Forge mod, we'll need to have access to the server files. To do this, you can either use the FTP Web in the management panel (recommended) or an FTP client like FileZilla. To add a mod, send it to the minecraft/mods directory.

  1. Go to the management panel.
  2. Click  Fichiers & FTP.
  3. Go to the minecraft/mods directory.
  4. Restart your Minecraft server.
  5. To connect to the server, you must install the mod on your Minecraft client.

Here, the forge mod is now installed on your server.

If there is an issue within the previous procedure:

  • Make sure that the mod you want to install is compatible with the forge version of your server.
  • View the logs in the server console by clicking on the dashboard.
Are you looking for mods? Browse the lists at

How to connect on our Forge server?

To access our in-game server, you must install Forge on your Minecraft client, as well as all mods that you want to have on your server.

How to install Forge on my Minecraft client?

  1. Visit
  2. On the left side, select your Minecraft version.
  3. Then download the installer by clicking on Installer.

  4. Once you have downloaded it, launch it and click Install client (check your game location).
    Click OK and wait for the installation to proceed fully.

  5. Start Minecraft and choose the Forge version.

How to install mods on my Minecraft client?

Now that you have Forge on your client, you have to add the mods on your server. You can then connect to it!

  1. On Windows, click Démarrer and then Exécuter.
  2. Enter %appdata% and validate.
  3. A window opens, go to the .minecraft/mods directory.
  4. Just as you did on your server, add mods to this directory.
  5. Launch your game and connect to your server hosted at mTxServ!