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Minecraft Snapshot

Minecraft Snapshot | minecraft vanilla version

Minecraft Snapshot is a minecraft vanilla version. Last available version Snapshot 1.16.5 rc1. Install and create a Minecraft Snapshot server in a few clicks with our administration panel.

Install your minecraft Snapshot server from a Minecraft snapshop (versions still in development). Not recommended.

How to create an Minecraft Snapshot server?

Minecraft Snapshot can be installed in one click with our automatic installer, in the administration panel of your Minecraft server.

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Click on Version, Modpacks.
  3. Click on Minecraft Snapshot and validate.
  4. Select the latest version of Minecraft Snapshot and click on Install.
  5. Select Fully reinstall my server (destroying all current data) and click Install.
  6. Your server will automatically restart on Minecraft Snapshot.
    Depending on the version and/or modpack, the server may take several minutes to restart.

You have nothing else to do, Minecraft Snapshot is installed on your Minecraft server!

How to update Minecraft Snapshot?

Updating Minecraft Snapshot is very easy. A backup is performed automatically before the update starts, allowing you to restore your server if needed.

  1. Go to the panel
  2. Click Version, Modpacks.
  3. Search Minecraft Snapshot and validate.
  4. Select the new version of Minecraft Snapshot and click Install.
  5. Select Install without removing current data (update), then click Install.
  6. Your server will restart after updating Minecraft Snapshot.
    This may take several minutes.

Minecraft Snapshot is up to date!

Version of Minecraft Snapshot

You can download Minecraft Snapshot from the official site, if you don't have a minecraft server hosted at mTxServ.
Official website

Version of Minecraft Snapshot Build Minecraft
Snapshot 1.16.5-rc1 1.16.5-rc1 1.16.5-rc1
Snapshot 1.16.4-rc1 1.16.4-rc1 1.16.4-rc1
Snapshot 1.16.4-pre2 1.16.4-pre2 1.16.4-pre2
Snapshot 1.16.4-pre1 1.16.4-pre1 1.16.4-pre1
Snapshot 1.16.3-rc1 1.16.3-rc1 1.16.3-rc1
Snapshot 1.16.2-rc2 1.16.2-rc2 1.16.2-rc2
Snapshot 1.16.2-rc1 1.16.2-rc1 1.16.2-rc1
Snapshot 1.16.2-pre3 1.16.2-pre3 1.16.2-pre3
Snapshot 1.16.2-pre2 1.16.2-pre2 1.16.2-pre2
Snapshot 1.16.2-pre1 1.16.2-pre1 1.16.2-pre1
Snapshot 1.16-rc1 1.16-rc1.0 1.16-rc1.0
Snapshot 1.16-pre8 1.16-pre8.0 1.16-pre8.0
Snapshot 1.16-pre7 1.16-pre7.0 1.16-pre7.0
Snapshot 1.16-pre6 1.16-pre6.0 1.16-pre6.0
Snapshot 1.16-pre5 1.16-pre5.0 1.16-pre5.0
Snapshot 1.16-pre4 1.16-pre4.0 1.16-pre4.0
Snapshot 1.16-pre3 1.16-pre3.0 1.16-pre3.0
Snapshot 1.16-pre2 1.16-pre2.0 1.16-pre2.0
Snapshot 1.16-pre1 1.16-pre1.0 1.16-pre1.0
Snapshot 1.15.2-pre2 1.15.2-pre2 1.15.2-pre2
Snapshot 1.15.2-pre1 1.15.2-pre1 1.15.2-pre1
Snapshot 1.15.1-pre1 1.15.1-pre1 1.15.1-pre1
Snapshot 1.15-pre7 1.15-pre7.0 1.15-pre7.0
Snapshot 1.15-pre6 1.15-pre6.0 1.15-pre6.0
Snapshot 1.15-pre5 1.15-pre5.0 1.15-pre5.0
Snapshot 1.15-pre4 1.15-pre4.0 1.15-pre4.0
Snapshot 1.15-pre3 1.15-pre3.0 1.15-pre3.0
Snapshot 1.15-pre2 1.15-pre2.0 1.15-pre2.0
Snapshot 1.15-pre1 1.15-pre1.0 1.15-pre1.0
Snapshot 1.14.4-pre7 1.14.4-pre7 1.14.4-pre7
Snapshot 1.14.4-pre6 1.14.4-pre6 1.14.4-pre6
Snapshot 1.14.4-pre5 1.14.4-pre5 1.14.4-pre5
Snapshot 1.14.4-pre4 1.14.4-pre4 1.14.4-pre4
Snapshot 1.14.4-pre3 1.14.4-pre3 1.14.4-pre3
Snapshot 1.14.4-pre2 1.14.4-pre2 1.14.4-pre2
Snapshot 1.14.4-pre1 1.14.4-pre1 1.14.4-pre1
Snapshot 1.14.3-pre4 1.14.3-pre4 1.14.3-pre4
Snapshot 1.14.3-pre3 1.14.3-pre3 1.14.3-pre3
Snapshot 1.14.3-pre2 1.14.3-pre2 1.14.3-pre2
Snapshot 1.14.3-pre1 1.14.3-pre1 1.14.3-pre1
Snapshot 1.14.2-pre4 1.14.2-pre4 1.14.2-pre4
Snapshot 1.14.2-pre3 1.14.2-pre3 1.14.2-pre3
Snapshot 1.14.2-pre2 1.14.2-pre2 1.14.2-pre2
Snapshot 1.14.2-pre1 1.14.2-pre1 1.14.2-pre1
Snapshot 1.14.1-pre2 1.14.1-pre2 1.14.1-pre2
Snapshot 1.14.1-pre1 1.14.1-pre1 1.14.1-pre1
Snapshot 1.14-pre5 1.14-pre5.0 1.14-pre5.0
Snapshot 1.14-pre4 1.14-pre4.0 1.14-pre4.0
Snapshot 1.14-pre3 1.14-pre3.0 1.14-pre3.0
Snapshot 1.14-pre2 1.14-pre2.0 1.14-pre2.0
Snapshot 1.14-pre1 1.14-pre1.0 1.14-pre1.0
Snapshot 21w08b 21w08b 21w08b
Snapshot 21w08a 21w08a 21w08a
Snapshot 21w07a 21w07a 21w07a
Snapshot 21w06a 21w06a 21w06a
Snapshot 21w05b 21w05b 21w05b
Snapshot 21w05a 21w05a 21w05a
Snapshot 21w03a 21w03a 21w03a
Snapshot 20w51a 20w51a 20w51a
Snapshot 20w49a 20w49a 20w49a
Snapshot 20w48a 20w48a 20w48a
Snapshot 20w46a 20w46a 20w46a
Snapshot 20w45a 20w45a 20w45a
Snapshot 20w30a 20w30a 20w30a
Snapshot 20w29a 20w29a 20w29a
Snapshot 20w28a 20w28a 20w28a
Snapshot 20w27a 20w27a 20w27a
Snapshot 20w22a 20w22a 20w22a
Snapshot 20w21a 20w21a 20w21a
Snapshot 20w20b 20w20b 20w20b
Snapshot 20w20a 20w20a 20w20a
Snapshot 20w19a 20w19a 20w19a
Snapshot 20w18a 20w18a 20w18a
Snapshot 20w17a 20w17a 20w17a
Snapshot 20w16a 20w16a 20w16a
Snapshot 20w15a 20w15a 20w15a
Snapshot 20w14a 20w14a 20w14a
Snapshot 20w13b 20w13b 20w13b
Snapshot 20w13a 20w13a 20w13a
Snapshot 20w12a 20w12a 20w12a
Snapshot 20w11a 20w11a 20w11a
Snapshot 20w10a 20w10a 20w10a
Snapshot 20w09a 20w09a 20w09a
Snapshot 20w08a 20w08a 20w08a
Snapshot 20w07a 20w07a 20w07a
Snapshot 20w06a 20w06a 20w06a
Snapshot 19w46b 19w46b 19w46b
Snapshot 19w46a 19w46a 19w46a
Snapshot 19w45b 19w45b 19w45b
Snapshot 19w45a 19w45a 19w45a
Snapshot 19w44a 19w44a 19w44a
Snapshot 19w42a 19w42a 19w42a
Snapshot 19w41a 19w41a 19w41a
Snapshot 19w40a 19w40a 19w40a
Snapshot 19w39a 19w39a 19w39a
Snapshot 19w38b 19w38b 19w38b
Snapshot 19w38a 19w38a 19w38a
Snapshot 19w37a 19w37a 19w37a
Snapshot 19w36a 19w36a 19w36a
Snapshot 19w35a 19w35a 19w35a
Snapshot 19w34a 19w34a 19w34a
Snapshot 19w14b 19w14b 19w14b
Snapshot 19w14a 19w14a 19w14a
Snapshot 19w13b 19w13b 19w13b
Snapshot 19w13a 19w13a 19w13a
Snapshot 19w12b 19w12b 19w12b
Snapshot 19w12a 19w12a 19w12a
Snapshot 19w11b 19w11b 19w11b
Snapshot 19w11a 19w11a 19w11a
Snapshot 19w09a 19w09a 19w09a
Snapshot 19w08b 19w08b 19w08b
Snapshot 19w08a 19w08a 19w08a
Snapshot 19w07a 19w07a 19w07a
Snapshot 19w06a 19w06a 19w06a
Snapshot 19w05a 19w05a 19w05a
Snapshot 19w04b 19w04b 19w04b
Snapshot 19w04a 19w04a 19w04a
Snapshot 19w03c 19w03c 19w03c
Snapshot 19w03b 19w03b 19w03b
Snapshot 19w03a 19w03a 19w03a
Snapshot 19w02a 19w02a 19w02a

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