Managing admins & moderators of a Rust server might seem complicated, but it's pretty simple. The most important is to understand you can get the Steam64 of a player!

1 - Get the Steam64 of a player

Le Steam64 ID allows the server to recognize a player configured as admin or moderator. 

The simplest way to get it is thanks to the Steam Community website. Indeed, each player as a profile page which address is formatted like :

The X part in the address corresponds to the Steam64 of the player, which is precisely the ID you need to get to put it as admin on your Rust server.

2 - Add admin / moderator temporary

The fact to add an admin or moderator from the console panel or through RCON is generally applied for the current server session; any restart will only apply the configuration (look next part below).

You can add temporary admin with the command :

ownerid Steam64 "nickname" "reason"

For a moderator :

moderatorid Steam64 "nickname" "reason"

3 - Add permanent admin / moderator

A Rust server doesn't generally have a full configuration system, except for admins/moderators.

Create this file on FTP if needed :


Inside, you need to report the command for adding admins/moderators like in the previous section.

For admins :

ownerid Steam64 "nickname" "reason"

For moderators :

moderatorid Steam64 "nickname" "reason"

This will be applied at the next reboot!

Note: the "reason" is just a comment section to identify the reason why this Steam64 should be admin (ex: VIP access until a given date).