In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to ban and unban a player from your Rust server with the ban command. Unlike the kick command, it will let ban a player, preventing any further connection to the server.

Display the banned players

To display the blacklist (a list which contains all the players banned from your server), type the banlistexcommand.

The list contains the player's name, its STEAM ID and the ban reason.

Ban a player

When a player is banned from your server, he is automatically added to the server's blacklist, available in the /rust/server/mtxserv/cfg/bans.cfgfile.

You can ban a player using its username or its STEAM ID. To find it, use the playerscommand.

To ban a player, the syntax is ban 'player_name_or_steam_id' 'optional_reason'.

ban Blasto

Unban a player

To unban a player, we will need its STEAM ID. the command syntax is unban steamid.

You can find its STEAM ID by displaying the blacklist, using the banlistexcommand.