Since most games do not support multi-threading in their server versions, hosting a server requires a powerful processor that can handle very demanding real-time processing, as the slightest latency or delay in this processing can quickly alter gameplay.

Latest generation CPU

Single-threaded score is essential for good gaming. With our AMD Ryzen 5800X @ 4,7GHz CPU, get the best of the best!

DDR4 2666 MHz memory

Each physical server has 128GB of DDR4 ECC 2666 MHz RAM, ensuring that your game server has the memory it needs at all times.

NVMe Storage

Our servers are equipped with the latest hardware with ultra-fast hard drives, using NVMe SSD storage technology.

1Gbps network

Our high-performance, interconnected network ensures the lowest possible latency for you and your players.

Anti-DDos L7

All our game servers are protected by the latest hardware and software technology against DDoS attacks (Anti-DDos L7 Arbor).


The Linux operating system, based on a minimalist version of the Debian distribution, is used throughout our infrastructure.