Server Hardware

Hardware specs for game servers

In hosting a game server, you'll be hosting an application that's responsible for managing the connection between players.

To optimize connections, these applications require:

  • sometimes significant material resources (to process player actions)
  • optimal network connectivity (permanent, high bandwidth, low latency)
  • a constant power supply (available 24/7)

At mTxServ, we use physical servers to host your servers.

No VPS, no virtualized system, just physical servers! Game servers require very demanding real-time processing and the slightest latency or delay can quickly alter playability - especially when it comes to FPS, where responsiveness is key!

Overclocked Intel i7-7700K CPU @ 5GHz

Power is essential to your game servers, so we choose to use i7 overclocked processors at 5 GHz.

64GB RAM DDR4 2400 MHz

Each physical server has 64GB of RAM, ensuring that they always have the memory they need.

NVMe Drives

For all our physical servers, we use high-speed hard drives with NVMe technology.

Network 1Gbps

Power isn't everything, and our powerful, interconnected network ensures you and your players the lowest possible latency.

DDoS Protected Network L7

All our game servers carry protection technology against the latest DDoS attacks.


The Linux operating system - based on a minimal version of Debian distribution - is used throughout our information processing.