Configure a Onset server (server_config.json)?

To configure your Onset server, you need to edit the content of server_config.json file located in the root folder of your server.

On a server hosted on mTxServ, you can modify the configuration in the management panel in a few clicks.

After an update of configuration, you must reboot your server.

General Configuration of Onset server

Here is the list of parameters:

  • servername
    Name of server.

  • servername_short
    Short version of the hostname (128 max. chars). Used for Discord/Steam Rich Presence. (Should not contain markup but can contain UTF8 icons)

  • gamemode
    Gamemode of your server.

  • website_url
    Website of your community.

  • ipaddress
    The IP address used to create the server.

    Use localhost to make it accessible from your computer only
    Use0.0.0.0 to expose it to the Internet.

  • port
    Game server port.

    Query Port (UDP): port - 1.
    File port (TCP): port - 2.

  • password
    Let empty to let your Onset server public. Set a value to make it private.

  • maxplayers
    Maximum players allowed (max: 300).

  • timeout
    Time in milliseconds after which an unresponsive player will be dropped. This should be between 10000 and 20000 milliseconds.

  • iplimit
    Limit the amount of connections per IP. New connections exceeding that number are being dropped immediately.

  • masterserver
    Set to true to make your server available in public game servers list, else false.

  • plugins
    List of plugins you want to load. These must be in the plugins folder.

  • packages
    List of packages you want to load. These must be in the packages folder.

  • voice
    Set to true to enable VoIP, else  false.

  • voice_sample_rate
    VoIP sample rate, higher rates have better quality but also require more bandwidth.
    Valid rates are: 8000, 12000, 16000, 24000 , 48000.

  • voice_distance
    Distance where you can hear other players talking in-game.

  • voice_spatialization
    Make the VoIP sound 3D including spatialization and falloff.

Example server_config.json

        "servername": "[g]? [c=#00ff00]mTxServ[/c] - [c=yellow]Onset[/c] ? [i]Server[/i] ?[/g]",
        "servername_short": "Onset Server",
        "gamemode": "GET THE EXPERIENCE ⛺ ?",
        "website_url": "",
        "ipaddress": "",
        "port": 7777,
        "maxplayers": 25,
        "password": "",
        "timeout": 15000,
        "iplimit": 5,
        "masterserver": true,
        "plugins": [
        "packages": [
        "stream_distance": 12000.0,
        "stream_update_rate": 0.05,
        "voice": true,
        "voice_sample_rate": 24000,
        "voice_distance": 4000.0,
        "voice_spatialization": true