TeamSpeak 3 Server

Create your TS3 server in no time with our hosting service.
Our platform offers you a turnkey solution for quick and efficient server setup.
Experience exceptional audio quality for clear, precise, and latency-free conversations.

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Security & Performance

Your security is our top priority. You benefit from robust DDoS protection and complete peace of mind. Our infrastructure is designed to provide maximum availability, ensuring that your server remains operational at all times.

Widget Viewer

Easily integrate a preview of your TeamSpeak server on your website using our ready-to-use widget in just a few minutes. Our user-friendly widget allows you to quickly and easily display a preview of your TeamSpeak server on your website.

HD Codecs

We understand the importance of clear and precise communication. That's why we provide you with a comprehensive selection of high-quality codecs to ensure exceptional audio quality during your conversations.

Query Port

With access to the Query Port, you can administer your server, create channels, manage user permissions, get server status information, and much more. It's a convenient and powerful way to interact with your TeamSpeak 3 server.

Web Interface

Our user-friendly interface offers you a smooth and intuitive experience. Our goal is to simplify your TeamSpeak server management experience so you can focus on the essentials: communicating, collaborating, and growing your community.

Low Latency

Thanks to our network infrastructure, your TeamSpeak server is connected to strategic locations around the world, ensuring fast response times and smooth communication. You'll be able to enjoy clear and precise conversations during intense gaming sessions.

TeamSpeak 3 FAQ

What is the delivery delay ?
The delivery of your order comes as soon as the payment is validated by the financial organization. Once the payment has been validated, the delivery of a server usually takes place in the minute, regardless of the time of day or night!
What method of payment are available ?
You can pay directly with Credit Card, Paypal, and Tokens. Tokens (virtual money specific to our website) can be credited with Credit Card, Paypal, PaySafeCard and mobile call/texts. Credit your tokens, share them with other members, and easily pay your services! The payout rates of tokens may vary depending on the method of payment chosen. Please consult the corresponding pages for more information.
What is a TeamSpeak 3 server?
A TeamSpeak 3 server is a real-time voice communication platform used by gamers, teams, and communities to facilitate coordination, collaboration, and conversation during gaming sessions, virtual meetings, etc.
Why choose mTxServ for your TeamSpeak 3 server?
We provide a reliable, secure, and high-performance service with a global low-latency network infrastructure. We offer a user-friendly interface for server management and dedicated technical support to meet your needs.
What features do you offer for TeamSpeak 3 servers?
We offer a wide range of advanced features, including exceptional audio quality through high-quality codecs, DDoS protection, access to the Query Port for advanced management, and the ability to integrate a preview of your server on your website.
Can I customize my TeamSpeak 3 server?
Yes, you have the ability to customize your TeamSpeak 3 server by creating custom channels, setting permissions for users, adding icons, avatars, etc. You have full control over the configuration of your server.
What is the availability of your service?
We strive to maintain maximum availability of our service so you can access your TeamSpeak 3 server at any time. Our infrastructure is designed to ensure optimal stability and reliability.
Can I restrict access to my TeamSpeak 3 server and protect my community?
Yes, you can restrict access to your TeamSpeak 3 server by using passwords or access keys. You can also set permissions for users to control who can join certain channels or perform specific actions.