MC Eternal is a Minecraft modpack offering a rich and diverse gaming experience. It promises something for everyone, with numerous quests, RPG elements, factories, bounty hunts, and a new economy system. Whether you're a power-hungry mage searching the world for mystical artifacts or a simple farmer selling his crops, this modpack lets you live out your dream.

MC Eternal is a comprehensive and highly acclaimed modpack for Minecraft. It has gained significant popularity among players due to its extensive range of mods and immersive gameplay. The modpack aims to provide an all-encompassing experience by incorporating various types of mods, including technological, magical, and adventure-based ones.

One of the key highlights of MC Eternal is the diverse selection of mods it offers. These mods introduce an array of exciting features and mechanics, transforming the Minecraft world into a rich and dynamic environment. Whether you're interested in building intricate machinery, harnessing the power of magic, or embarking on thrilling quests, there is something for everyone in this modpack.

In terms of technological mods, MC Eternal provides an abundance of options. Players can delve into advanced automation systems, construct intricate factories, and develop complex machinery to streamline resource gathering and processing. With mods like IndustrialCraft 2, Thermal Expansion, and Applied Energistics 2, you can explore innovative ways to automate tasks and create efficient production systems.

For those seeking magical adventures, MC Eternal offers an array of enchanting options. Mods such as Thaumcraft, Astral Sorcery, and Botania introduce mystical elements to the game, allowing players to delve into the art of spellcasting, harness the power of celestial bodies, and create intricate magical setups. The modpack encourages players to dive into the mysteries of the arcane and unlock the secrets of ancient magics.

In addition to technology and magic, MC Eternal incorporates adventure-focused mods that bring exciting quests and exploration opportunities. Players can embark on epic journeys, discover new dimensions, and encounter challenging boss battles. Mods like Advent of Ascension, Twilight Forest, and The Betweenlands add thrilling dimensions and formidable foes, ensuring there is always something new and exciting to explore.

MC Eternal is continuously updated to ensure a fresh and engaging gameplay experience. Modpack updates often introduce new features, bug fixes, and balance adjustments, keeping the content relevant and the gameplay experience polished. It has a dedicated community of players who actively contribute to discussions, share their experiences, and offer support.

Whether you're a fan of technological advancements, magical marvels, or thrilling adventures, MC Eternal provides a comprehensive and captivating Minecraft experience. Its diverse range of mods and continuous updates make it a favorite choice for players looking to immerse themselves in an expansive and ever-evolving gameplay world.

How to install MC Eternal?

To install the client version of MC Eternal locally on your computer, you must use the launcher Twitch, which allows you to start the packages from the Curse site.

  1. Download and install the launcher: Launcher Twitch / Curse.
  2. Run the launcher.
  3. Click Mods.
  4. Search for the modpack MC Eternal.
  5. Select the version of MC Eternal that is matching the server version where you want to connect and install it.
  6. The MC Eternal modpack is downloaded and installed on your computer. Click it to launch it.

How to create an MC Eternal server?

MC Eternal can be installed in one click with our automatic installer, in the administration panel of your Minecraft server.

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Click on Version, Modpacks.
  3. Click on MC Eternal and validate.
  4. Select the latest version of MC Eternal and click on Install.
  5. Select Fully reinstall my server (destroying all current data) and click Install.
  6. Your server will automatically restart on MC Eternal.
    Depending on the version and/or modpack, the server may take several minutes to restart.

You have nothing else to do, MC Eternal is installed on your Minecraft server!

How to update MC Eternal?

Updating MC Eternal is very easy. A backup is performed automatically before the update starts, allowing you to restore your server if needed.

  1. Go to the panel
  2. Click Version, Modpacks.
  3. Search MC Eternal and validate.
  4. Select the new version of MC Eternal and click Install.
  5. Select Install without removing current data (update), then click Install.
  6. Your server will restart after updating MC Eternal.
    This may take several minutes.

MC Eternal is up to date!