You can restore an expired server to a new contract with your manager if it has expired for less than a year.

Did you forget to extend your server? Has your server been paused for some time? This feature should be useful to you;)


  • Have a new server on which to restore the backup.
  • The server to restore must have expired less than a year ago.

How to restore an expired server

Warning: Restoring an old server will overwrite the contents of the server on which you want to restore it.

  1. Go to the Console of the server where you want to restore your old server, in the mTxServ management panel.
  2. Click on Advanced, and after on  Restore a server (you must be the owner of the server).
  3. Choose the server to restore.
  4. Restoration is processing.
  5. Your expired game server is restored!

Congratulations! You have successfully restored your server, enjoy it thoroughly.