It is often useful to be able to list the players who are connected to your Rust server, either to know the names of the players who are playing or for the management of your players, for example kicks and bans.

List connected players

We will use the players command which is only available to server admins and moderators.

  1. Go to the live console, in the panel.
  2. Enter the command players in the console and validate.
  3. The list of connected players will be displayed in the console.

You can also enter the command directly from the game. Alternatively, you can use the status command which also displays the list of players.

JSON commands

There are also several commands to display your player information in json format, which is very useful for integrating your server with various web applications.

  • playerlist returns the list of players with full information about them, in JSON format.
  • users returns the list of players (minimal version) in JSON format.