In Rust and more globally on game servers, it's common to take the opportunity to wipe data on every update. This means purely and simply reset some game progression data.

There are many pros to do so :

  • avoid bugs caused by the update
  • extend the interest of the current game, like cards redistribution
In technical terms, it's possible to wipe some data only. We can consider three wipe types :

  • map only
  • players data only (stuffs, blueprints, positions, etc.)
  • all data
To proceed a wipe, you must use the FTP access given with your server to delete the related files (depending on the method). You can use the WebFTP to so with ease: Files & FTP -> Web FTP.

Map data wipe

To proceed to a map data wipe, stop the server then delete the .map files contained in: rust/server/mtxserv.

Once the files deleted, you can restart the server. It might be the occasion to change the map and the seed to renew the game experience completely;-)

Players data wipe

The content is aggregated in small files .db contained in rust/server/mtxserv and more particularly a file named like player.blueprintsXX.db

To proceed to the wipe, stop the server then delete these files. Once done, you can restart your server.

Global wipe of the server

The global wipe of the server data is just related to simply combine the two methods above to reset all your server's data. Stop the server then delete both .map files and player.blueprintsXX.db contained in rust/server/mtxserv.

Once the files deleted, you can restart your server.

Forced wipes

Regarding the forced wipes, it is important to know that mTxServ (or any other game server provider) can't prevent them as it is purely integrated in the core gameplay by Facepunch. It means that we can't save your maps or backup them.

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