BungeeCord Server Hosting

Create Your BungeeCord Server, 24H Free Trial. BungeeCord is a proxy which allows you to connect several Minecraft servers in order to distribute the load, allowing you to accept more players. Discover the services available from your BungeeCord hosting provider. Make your own BungeeCord server with Anti-DDoS protection has never been easier with our BungeeCord Server Hosting service. In one click, install your BungeeCord plugins from a control panel of hundreds of Bungee Proxy plugins. Buy your cheap BungeeCord server from mTxServ. Choose the best for your players.

Create Your BungeeCord Server

Free BungeeCord Server Trial

Try our BungeeCord server creation services - free for 24 hours. No credit card required.

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Do you need more power? Change your offer at any time, in complete transparency, within the limit of one change every 15 days.

Payment Methods

You can pay with a credit card, Paypal, and Tokens. You can credit tokens with a credit card, Paypal, PaySafeCard, or mobile codes/calls.

BungeeCord Server Hosting

Make Your Own BungeeCord Private Server Hosted in Europe (France, England, Germany, Poland) and USA/Canada


Make your community a success story

3 / month

  • Up to 9999 players
  • CPU AMD Ryzen 3800X @ 4,5GHz
  • SSD Storage
  • Anti-DDoS Game
  • Next generation panel
  • Automated backups
  • Web hosting + MySQL
  • Immediate delivery**
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*For more flexibility, we let you define the slots limit, in the management panel of your gameserver, limited to the maximum slots of the offer.
**Immediate delivery according to our available stocks

Make Your BungeeCord Server

We make everything to ensure a high-quality experience

Immerse yourself in the world of BungeeCord. Easily create and configure your own BungeeCord server with Anti-DDoS protection.

Our tools are designed with great attention to ergonomics, making it as easy as possible for you to configure and manage your servers.

Install your BungeeCord plugins in just one click, restore a backup, measure performance, etc. We have many features to help you on a daily basis.

BungeeCord Server France, England, Germany, Poland USA and Canada

  • Paris, France
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Vint Hill, US East
  • Hillsboro, US West

Included in the BungeeCord server

Expand your community, imagine your own world

No commitment

No duration commitment, you are free to choose to not renew your server. To avoid any surprises, the renew process is manual (no automatic renew).


With mTxServ, no data loss! We automatically back up your BungeeCord servers every 6 hours and you can restore a backup directly from our panel.

DDOS Protection

Our machines are protected by DDoS protection, which is reliable and tested, with a very high-quality network! No attack will disturb your game experience.

No hidden fees

Contrary to our competitors, our philosophy is to provide you with a full-service package. No additional fees for storage, fast download, etc.

Free BungeeCord Server

Get your BungeeCord server, try our free hosting services before renting. The use of BungeeCord requires at least one Minecraft server. Our help center is available to assist you in configuring and administering your BungeeCord server.